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Teaching Resources: Global Economics



  • Economic Development Scarcity of Resources
  • Children of the World: A lesson where elementary and middle school students research lifestyles of children around the globe using the book by the same title.
  • If the World Were a Village: Link to a lesson to accompany this book that uses a village of 100 people to help students understand the languages, nationalities, religions, foods and lifestyles of the people of the world

    Focus Globalization: The Council for Economic Education published a curriculum for high schools on Globalization. This section includes an essay outlining the issues, a PowerPoint of that essay, the first lesson from the curriculum and how to order.
  • Materials: how to order the curriculum from the Council for Economic Education.
  • Introductory Essay: written by David Hummels from Purdue University outlines the issues associated with the globalization debate.
  • Lesson 1: A skit on the costs and benefits of globalization. Great overview activity.

  • Unequal Resources: This lesson is great for grades three to twelve and beyond. Students, working in groups that represent countries, determine how to use scarce resources to fulfill the wants of the people in their countries. Trade or conflict may arise as they deal with the resulting dilemma. This activity can serve as a concrete reference for many issues in our global economic system.

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