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Global Reach

The Moore Center has jointly with Economics International and independently to send teachers to international destinations to learn about their culture, economic systems and economic education.  The Moore Center has been fortunate to work with the Council for Economic Education to host economic educators from countries around the globe.  They come to see exemplary economic education programs and curricula.  We are happy to share our expertise and experience by showcasing outstanding teachers and progams, in Arkansas.  Exemplarary Arkansas teachers participate in CEE Train-the-writers program.

Hosting Economic Educators

These are study tours hosted by BMCEE to showcase our programs and curricula for economic educators in other countries.

Country Year  Number Hosted 
Russia 1998 - Oct 5
Belaruse 1999 - Feb 2
Croatia/Lithuania 2000 - Nov 2
Russia 2002 - Jan 2
Lithuania/Latvia 2005 - March 2
Latvia 2007 - May 3
South Africa 2008 - May 4
Paraguay 2009 - May 3
South Africa 2010 - May 4


BMCEE Study Tours

These are tours in which BMCEE staff travels to the country of interest.

* Study tour included Arkansas teachers


Area Teachers Participate in Study Tour

 Name  District  Date  Country Visited
 Rita Littrell  U of Arkansas  1998  Russia 
 Jo Ann Hurlbut  Springdale  1999  Ukraine
 Stacey Pehosh  Bentonville  2002  Russia
 Lisa Cress  Rogers  2004-2005  Belarus/Lithuania
 Amy Smallwood  Rogers  2004  Belarus/Lithuania
 Randy Kern  Fort Smith  2004  Estonia/Russia
 Rita Littrell  U of Arkansas  2006  Lithuania
 Melody Key  Farmington  2006  Ukraine
 Heather Grosze  Rogers  2006  Latvia
 Jan Clark  Fayetteville  2006  Latvia
 Kathy Short  Springdale  2006  Latvia
 Makayla Brown  Fayetteville  2006  Latvia
 Rita Littrell  U of Arkansas  2006  Latvia 
 Kathy Lemons  Fayetteville  2006  Romania
Neil Norberg Fayetteville 2008

Republic of Georgia

Yvonne Durfee Rogers 2010 Republic of South Africa



Train-the-Writers Participants


 Name  District  Date
 Alice Bottomley  Eureka Springs   1999-2000 
 Allison Byford  Fayetteville  2001-2002
 Debbie Davis  Eureka Springs  1998-1999
 Kathy Short  Springdale  1999-2000
 Linda Haley  Rogers  2002-2003
 Lisa Stubbs  Springdale  2009

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