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Stick Horse Rodeo

The Stickhorse Rodeo curriculum was developed by three Springdale teachers who excelled at teaching economics.  Galyn Hargis loved horses and thought of this project as a way to teach students about the Rodeo of the Ozarks while teaching economics.  Jan Miller and Mary Tedford utilized their years as seasoned teaching professionals to develop and write the activities that teach economics to young learners.  The Stickhorse Rodeo has been an annual event in Springdale School District since the early 1990s. First grade students go to the rodeo grounds in the spring time to participate in stickhorse rodeo events after learning economics in their classes.  Students create

The Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic Education digitalized the curriculum, added some websites, and updated some of the materials to make it easier to use and more accessible to teachers. 

Several of the lessons refer teachers to the Pennywise video series.  If these are not available or if you prefer a more current lesson, please contact us and we’ll try to provide a lesson that teaches the same concepts. 

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