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Economics Arkansas wins the Business of the Year Award/Nonprofit Category


Economic Dimensions of Arkansas History

This curriculum was developed by the Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic Education in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

What Teachers Have to Say!

Undergraduate student's thought on learning of economics: I ran into all kinds of economic concepts over the weekend. I had economic choices to make which made me have some opportunity costs. I made economic choices much more than I realized. I actually read the labels now to see if the product is produced in America or even in Arkansas. I also notice what is produced outside of the US and think about what we may have traded for the item. I also think about Arkansas' businesses and how their decisions affect our economic well-being. I realized that I use a lot of resources every day that I used to take for granted - from natural resources to capital and even to human resources. The number of economic decisions and the resources used each day is simply amazing! by- H. Wages

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